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Happy & Healthy Pets With Dental Exams in Chico

Whether you own a cat or dog, it is a good idea to invest in a dental exam from Erickson Veterinary Hospital in Chico to prevent such problems as worn teeth, plaque, fractured teeth and gingivitis. In addition to the obvious benefit of keeping your pet’s breath manageable and teeth healthy, a regular dental examination can have positive effects on the lifespan of the animal. During a typical exam, our vet will thoroughly check the mouth of your pet for a number of issues, including an incorrect bite, abscesses, fractures, gingivitis, jaw injury, buildup of calculus, and tartar and enamel damage. If we find that your pet is in need of laser therapy, we can take care of that as well.

Leading Veterinary Dentistry for Cats & Dogs

While teeth cleaning and other forms of basic dog dental care are great for regular maintenance, there are a few issues that may come up which require the immediate attention of a dentist at Erickson Veterinary Hospital before they worsen. Gingivitis and periodontal disease, both serious afflictions, have several symptoms that can be easily observed, including drooling; bad breath; vomiting; receded, red, bleeding or swollen gums; difficulty chewing and teeth that are either loose or missing entirely. Even though chews, treats and regular brushing are solid preventative measures to take at home, there are times when professional work is needed.