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Maintain Your Pets’ Health With X-Rays in Chico

When you bring your pet into Erickson Veterinary Hospital in Chico, we use X-rays as a part of the comprehensive diagnostics we perform to assess its health. Regardless of whether your pet is a cat, dog or something else, an X-ray (also called a radiograph) is a type of radiography that allows us to look inside the animal for any problems that might not be readily apparent on the outside. We can use this technology to examine many things, including the bones, lungs, heart and abdominal organs. Alternatively, if you are looking for professional pet dental care, we can provide those services as well.

Pet X-rays are becoming more and more common in veterinary diagnostics everywhere. There is a host of benefits that come with using this kind of radiology. Firstly, this method of obtaining digital X-rays uses only a few doses of radiation and is safe, painless and totally noninvasive, meaning that your pet will be comfortable for the entire process. We can evaluate the condition of the bones and get an accurate image of the position, shape and size of many internal organs without making any incisions.

From a technical standpoint, digital is far superior to the older methods that involved the use of chemicals and took more time to process the image. With the digital technology, we can position your pet on an examination table, have an image ready for analysis in seconds and can quickly do a retake if necessary. Our vets are given far more information to use for treatment when using digital X-rays, as the images are clearer than their predecessors, allowing your pet to get better faster.

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These new X-rays are part of the future of veterinary medicine. Call Chico’s Erickson Veterinary Hospital today at 530-343-5896 to make an appointment.