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Puppy/Kitten Package

In addition to our adult and geriatric wellness plans, we also offer comprehensive puppy and kitten plans. Each package includes an exam and the full set of recommended vaccines, broad-spectrum dewormer, the first dose of Revolution, a fecal exam and a Home Again microchip.

Adult Wellness Package

This plan is designed for pets under 9 years of age, and includes a thorough physical exam, fecal examination and a short blood panel. This information helps us to evaluate overall health and body condition, determine the presence of both external and internal parasites, assess kidney and liver function, diagnose diabetes and other endocrinopathies, and determine if the patient is anemic or has an abnormal white blood cell count.

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Geriatric Wellness Package

This plan is tailored for pets over 9 years of age, and includes a thorough physical exam, a fecal examination, a complete blood panel and urinalysis. In addition to the above information, we are also provided with a more comprehensive assessment of thyroid function, electrolyte and protein levels, and determination of renal and liver function.

The above plans are available for both dogs and cats at a discounted price. An in-house heartworm test or feline leukemia/FIV/heartworm test can be added at an additional cost. Please call for details at 530-343-5896.