Puppy Plan

Puppy Vaccination Plan

  • 1st visit (6-10 weeks): Well Puppy Exam and vaccine for DHLPP#1 (Canine distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvo, 4 way Leptospirosis), deworming with Drontal Plus.
  • 2nd visit (10 – 14 wks): Vaccines for DHLPP#2/Bordatella #1 (kennel cough), free dose flee/hwp and a fecal analysis, with giardia testing.
  • 3rd visit (14 – 18 wks): Vaccines for DHLPP#3, Bordatella #2, and Rabies 1yr

Save this life microchip with registration
*Lyme and Rattlesnake and Canine Influenza vaccinations available upon request for an additional charge.

Pet Identification

  • A Save This Life identification microchip is available to help you permanently identify your pet.
  • The animal shelters in Butte County scans all animals picked up for a microchip.

Internal Parasite Control:

  • Drontal Plus (eliminates roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms)
  • Trifexis (controls and prevents heartworm, and hookworm) and should be re-applied on a monthly basis. Annual heartworm tests are recommended to ensure prevention.
  • Bring a fecal sample on your 2nd visit to send to an outside laboratory for analysis.

Healthy Puppy Guidelines

Flea and Tick Control

  • Regular bathing and grooming is recommended. We are happy to provide you with your basic grooming needs.
  • Trifexis controls fleas, prevents heartworm disease, treats and controls ear mites, sarcoptic mites, and controls the American Dog Tick.

Feeding Guide:

  • Puppies should be fed three (3) times a day while they are growing.
  • We recommend high quality puppy food. Ask one of our staff to recommend the best formula for your puppy (ie. Small bites, regular or large breed).
  • Once they reach adult size and spaying or neutering has been done, feeding once or twice daily is sufficient.